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The poetry book\"The Last Puerto Rican Indian\" by Bobby Gonzalez has truly been a joy to read. Many thanks for being at the Fiesta de Flores thus facilitating such powerful and incredibly beautiful messages of our culture that have been in such need to be uttered in art form.


Dear Bobby  -- I just finished your inspiring and very thought-provoking book about the Last  PR Indian.  I reread some of the poems as they hit the core--and I have to say that you are a very talented and profound Boricua.  My congrats for putting all these thoughts and messages into such a beautiful book.  I do wish you success and some reactions to your book and dedication. 


The Last Puerto Rican Indian, is a great contribution to the rising Indigenous Caribbean/Diaspora literature. Mr. Gonzalez who pulls no punches, takes us on a unique and engaging journey, intertwined between past and present. I especially enjoyed "Thank you, Mr. Columbus" and "Voice of a Hero." The varying poems will appeal to Natives and Non-Natives alike.

—Jorge Estevez, Public Programming Assistant, National Museum of the American Indian

"The Last Puerto Rican Indian is beautifully written with a multiplicity of voices that capture both profound sadness and passionate defiance. Rich with spiritual meaning, Bobby Gonzalez brings us closer to the indigenous men, women and children of the Americas as he harmonizes between the past and the present, traveling great distances in time from before the conquest, through mass genocide and the resistance, to the contemporary and beyond. Affirming the enduring strength of our heritage, Gonzalez declares, 'The last Puerto Rican Indian has not yet been born."

—  Iris Morales, community activist/former Deputy Minister of Education, The Young Lords Party

“Standing on the corner of 145th Street and Brook Avenue,
The Last Puerto Rican Indian, filled with an abundance of love, bites into a Cuban sandwich.”  Such is the poetic irony that courses through the veins, and is in fact the blood-force of Bobby Gonzalez¹s “The Last Puerto Rican Indian” ­ a collection of dangerous poetry.  And indeed it is, because it makes us think, which is always dangerous.

Here an Indian voice speaks ­ Taino; distant, an ancient relative, distinctly relating to us in poetic story-telling.  A soft spirituality emanates from these poems; a quiet reserved wisdom reminding us of when “we danced on fire / without getting singed.”  And that while “those times / are no more,” we are urged to “venture into the forest and seek out the voices of Truth.”

Interwoven like a native blanket with Taino imagery -- drawings, paintings and archival photographs -- the book gives the reader pause to reflect on his/her own connection to one¹s ancestry.  So that while we, natives, traverse this modern world, wherein “the Mayan solar calendar / is replaced by / an international corporate schedule” (to which we now adhere), we might ponder “Is it better / to be on the side of right / or / is it better to be / on the right side?”

This book speaks to our native soul with the native disdain for intellectualized identity banter.  “It’s time to reclaim our history; time to reclaim our identity,” says the Old Coyote  -- so that perhaps, “Some people will not forget who they are.”

—Jesús Papoleto Meléndez, NYC, 2006, Poet Laureate of El Barrio

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